Toca Boca

Toca Boca is positioned as an educational project for children. Each action performed by the player is aimed at introducing an unprepared child to the adult world. So, in the game universe you will have to pay your apartment bills and arrange your life. Even the terminal for cashless payments looks very natural.

Despite the fact that the purpose of the game is educational, the developers don’t miss a single opportunity to make the stay in the game world as much fun as possible. First of all, you are going to explore the neighborhood. There are several locations: a house with apartments, each of which is home to bright and friendly characters, a cafe with robots, where you can meet all of your neighbors, as well as a store where you have to shop during the arrangement of your place.

The places you can live in are all different – for instance, there is a trendy studio and a two-room apartment with access to a balcony where you can grow homemade tomatoes. The designs also vary, showcasing the habits and hobbies of the dwellers. Among the neighbors you can see passionate fans of gardening, geeks, whose living room resembles a location from the famous sitcom, heroes obsessed with the secrets of space.

The game makers have tried to highlight the personal traits of the locals as vividly as possible with the help of colors used in the interiors and small details. Only one apartment is devoid of any design – the one that the player has to equip. At first, it appears before your eyes as an exemplary model from IKEA, and your goal is to make it bright and remarkable. Luckily, there are plenty of possibilities for that in the game. With the help of the right furniture and decor, you can change this concrete box beyond recognition!

So what now? Set out and live in this bright world! By default, there are not so many locations already existing in the city. But you can expand their choice opening up new areas as you play. That will also increase your possibilities because there will be new things you can try and new activities you can get involved in. Just like in real life, you can find a hobby in Toca Boca and make friends with your neighbors. You are surely going to spend a great time in this game because it’s you who decides what to do next. Enjoy your life in this amazing virtual neighborhood and come back here every time you want to take a break and recharge your batteries!

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